Many times human beings survived without love, but no one without water.
Dont waste even a drop of water otherwise you will be finished for a drop of water.

HGL Water trapped



Fantasy is an escapist, and that is its glory. I believe imagination is everything, even if its purely nonsense i believe it wakes up brain cells.

I admit that i lost great amount of time gazing at this wild backyard in the early hours of morning mist. But its all worth it 🙂

HGL Dark Fantasy

Proudly Go Green

HGL Lizard


A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves
strong, powerful, beautiful — and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence

In riding a horse, we borrow freedom

HGL Horse Shltte


Souq Waqif, better called the social heart of Doha is a never to miss destination and undoubted highlight of the city. Its much fascinating and a wonderful place to explore in Qatar.

HGL HDR Street2


Action never fades……… just gets beautiful with time

HGL Jet Ski


Life is just great, gorgeous & full of colors, it just need to open your eyes to life: to see it in the vivid colors that God gave us as a precious gift to His children, to enjoy life to the fullest, and to make it count. Start saying YES to your life. Count only & every minute positive aspects in Life and live it to the fullest.



Just like a fearless stag, i’m rarely bored if left alone with nature.



Time is precious, so powerful & unique by all means. Lost time is never found again. And that’s why I love photography, the only thing that can freeze moments forever.



The largest in the whole of the UK and the fifth largest in the world, the great cathedral is unique and fascinating. Worth the story of long 74 years it took for completion. From the unfamiliar but welcoming giant statue at the side entrance to the magnificent glass windows, the unique Organ with more than 10200 pipes spread all over and the tower …………………this gigantic gothic church is one of its kind.

The best part is still the magical peace of mind when we enter inside, I think that’s the most important thing you need at places of prayer.



Weighing just 5-6 pounds & hallow bones, he just seemed like a BIG BIRD. I like attitude of a Great Blue Heron



How true it could be that a Horse is the God among animal kingdom…….so much dignity, strong, powerful and beautiful

A dream shot (no Photoshop) when I tried something different with panning, obviously it was not a moving object but I focused on a Pony eating grass and maintained a shutter lag. During shutter lag i zoom in the lens to get the panning effect without concentrating much on perfect focus on its head. Am 100% satisfied with this outcome just like a dream




Birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being which we may strive to attain.

HGL Small Birdy


One of the most pure golden moments of nature

A part of mangroves at Yas beach in Abu Dhabi lighted up in golden glitters. What an awesome treat for eyes at the early hours of a day. The water was too shallow due to low tide and the lonely tree makes a superb silhouette. One of the many moments a photographer is being gifted with the best from nature; all it takes is just a mind set to venture to nothing….

HGL Golden Silhouette


Chinnar wild life sanctuary, situated in Western Ghats Anamalai cluster in Kerala is a serene and protected sandal wood forest with more than 200 species of wild animals including very rare Albino Gaur (white bison) and Indian Star tortoise. Home to highest population of Grizzled Giant Squirrels and Mugger Crocodiles.
Vasiyappara Ethinic Hut & trekking, Koottar or Karakkad tree top houses are unique experience

HGL Watch Tower



A leaf is an outgrowth of a stem with veins all interconnected in a chamber formation with millions of cells

which would absorb sunlight to form food from carbon dioxide and water for plants growth.

They act like a green solar panel absorbing carbon dioxide which human beings and animals’ breathe out and in return produce oxygen

which is vital for our very existence

HGL Green Leaf 2


One of the most common, smartest yet sociable birds we can easily see in our gardens or wetlands.
Herons has a wing span of about 6 ft with great flying skills. Despite their size they are surprisingly light.
They usually straighten their S shaped neck to quickly stab the fish and swallow the fish in one piece.
The most interesting fact about these smarties is that they hunt both in day & night with excellent eye sights.

HGL Flight


Believed to be the month in which Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammed by angel Gabriel which continued for 23 years.

It’s a time for spiritual reflections abstaining from food, evil actions, thoughts and words.

Considering the present scenarios around the world, I think it’s a time to remember those who need our help. A time to understand the richness of sharing.

May this special day bring peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone…… Eid Mubarak!

HGL Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 2


I know the best part of me….sometimes I dare to get lost. It’s then you start loving yourself……all alone, inspired with own spirits.

Life is too short to understand yourself, and then am just wondering how come people are trying hard to master the world around

HGL Desert Tree


Someone said “Flowers are the sweetest thing God ever made and forgot to put a soul in to”

but i found them in every single flower i wanted. Beautiful, full of happiness and love……..

HGL Flower Heart