The worst hit on your best

The worst can hit on your best shot at any time, it’s an irreparable mistake especially in wildlife photography; my baddie was ‘motion blur’


Posted for ‘Sunday Stills photography challenge – Its a mistake’
Location: Waynad, Kerala – India

You, your mind, your machine and your actions needs to be really fast enough when photographing wildlife because the animals are always in motion even when they appear to be standing still. You’ll need to use a much faster shutter speed to freeze both your own motion and the motion of the animal. Honestly i was bit scared to increase ISO, but obviously learned a noisy image is better than a blurred one. Alternatively, a good anticipation and waiting game till the animal is stationary is worth a try.

A very common mistake i use to make was the Automatic AF point, this selection on your camera often look for the nearest object towards the centre of the frame, so if you let your camera choose the AF point itself your subject may not be in focus, especially when your subject is surrounded by vegetation, it’s easy for your camera to lock onto the wrong part of the scene. Try Continuous AF mode so that the lens is refocused between shots.


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