Egyptian Geese

A unique flight formation of Egyptian Geese captured at Abu Dhabi backwaters. I would say i am a very immature bird photographer, but was test firing few shots with my new machine Nikon D7000. Bird photography is still an area i need to improve a lot and i am working on it.


Location: Abu Dhabi, Back waters

few tips i learned on bird photography:

– Settle early at a good place, preferably hiding and patient
– Position should be at a hill/high level
– The best would be when sun is behind you
– Set your camera @ continues auto focus
– Shutter speed must be 1/500 or above
– Better with shutter priority
– Firing mode should be Continues burst
– ISO could be auto or 400 accordingly to the situation
– first set of birds comes around are test rounds, let them come back


7 thoughts on “Egyptian Geese

  1. How interesting that we are taught in Birding 101 that birds don’t have nationalities, so in creating the plural of Canada Goose, it’s Canada Geese, not Canadian Geese. Now I see that there is an Egyptian Goose, which plural would be Egyptian Geese. Most interesting is that the Egyptian Goose’s natural habitat barely includes a small section of Egypt, so I’m wondering who gave it a nationality……….LOL

    • 🙂 very true and i liked it.
      Geographically this part of the world is pretty famous for possession of many species as pets which are very unique and rare to world. Its their passion to make anything and everything possible. Regarding the nationalities, i still wonder why it is so, Asian Elephants, African Elephants, Bengal Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Polar Bear and so on…. i think its normal.

    • Wow, thanks Nivin, thats indeed a valuable tip. You were my inspiration to go after this challenge, still a long way to go after bird photography.

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