Elephant attack

Seconds before a wild elephant attack on our safari jeep, check out he is gearing up with full power, muscles and veins of his leg. Extremely dangerous especially when it is a lonely bull with one tusk. He is notorious for sure.

Me & my family survived the attack with the expert hands of our Safari driver through that slippery mud roads. It was a life time experience for my wife and 3 year old kid, but yet another one for me


Location: Muthanga, Kerala – India

Tips to survive elephant attack:

Most of the initial elephant charges especially wild are “mock” (threat) charges or is pretending to charge but is actually testing you out to see if you’re aggressive or a non-threat. Your life is in recognizing the difference.

Listen for warnings, which we usually take it as Hello’s. With wild elephants its like ‘to hell with you’ not Hello
Watch the elephant’s ears, if it is relaxed and fanned out, he is probably making/about to make a mock charge. If they are pinned back flat, it is likely that the charge is real
Watch out trunk that is curled inward
Check out the front legs as they are indicators of an elephant working out whether to charge or retreat., the more likely the elephant was making a threatening show out of fear and had no intention to really charge.

Am not sure if it would practically work if Elephant is close, but stay downwind of the elephant at all times. It is difficult to smell you and seek you out (elephants have a keen sense of smell).

Sometimes it might be possible to shoo off the elephant by making loud noise if there is some distance between you and the charging elephant.
You might not be so willing to shout at a bull elephant in must, a time during which the elephant will be exceptionally aggressive and more likely to charge with intent to harm

If you are that brave, you have the option of standing absolutely still

Avoid showing your back to the elephant. Yes it includes turning and running which encourages chasing
If you decided to run and loose hope, look for something to keep between you and the charging elephant. Something larger than you or something that can act as a shield. If you are near to your vehicle you can honk if its safe, at normal cases they will leave the situation, but if its really close at all cases it would charge at the vehicle and tip it off. Sometimes a good ditch can help you, hop into a ditch. a large ditch and staying low if its deep enough

If you’re running and the elephant is drawing nearer, throw a jacket, hat, bag or branch a distance away from you. This might serve as enough of a distraction for the elephant to attack it instead of you


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