“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”
Whenever i search for a quote on rainbow, that’s what comes first. What a beautiful quote, and it is the best thing we can do in this world. Yes life is all about your reflections and refractions to be the most beautiful and blessed creation of God


Posted in Sunday Stills Photography Challenge – The Rainbow connection
Location – Liverpool, London

A rainbow is not an object, it cannot be approached or physically touched
To see a rainbow, you must stand with your back to the sun, otherwise it will not be visible.
A rainbow is in fact a full circle of light. However, due to most people viewing a rainbow on the ground we only see a semi-circle or arc of the rainbow.
Rainbows are created by both reflection and refraction (bending) of light in water droplets in the atmosphere, which results in a spectrum of light appearing.
No two people see the same rainbow, in fact even our individual eyes see slightly different rainbows. If someone appears to be standing under a rainbow you can see, they will see a different rainbow at the same angle but further away
Sir Isaac Newton identified the 7 colors of the visible spectrum that together make up white light. All of which are present in a rainbow in the order red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (the acronym or name ROY G BIV is a good way to remember these colors and their order, we learned it the other way VIBGYOR  ).


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