DOF – Depth Of Field, is all about your creativity.
A shallow DOF is commonly used in Portrait Photography. It is basically a small area of the photo is in focus and is commonly used to isolate the subject from surroundings/backgrounds, and a wide DOF is where pretty much everything in the photo is focused. It is commonly used in Landscape photography.

Are you confused of those ‘ f ’s in photography terms? Let me put it in simple words. Its related to ‘aperture’ the hole which controls the amount of light that falls on a camera sensor. A smaller ‘f’ number indicates a large hole and a larger number indicates a smaller hole . When your aperture is wide open, your depth of field is really shallow and it’s hard to find a good focal point or it can be on the most nearer objects.

Below is with aperture wide open blurring the green trees in the far background to pure plain green background focusing only the dragonfly and the stem.


Contributed for “Sunday Stills Photography Challenge” – DOF


6 thoughts on “DOF

  1. Henry, this photo is great! My little Nikon is set to auto…because I really have no idea what to adjust and where or when. So to get that close to a subject, do I zoom in as far as I can, then take the pic?…:)JP

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