Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.


Posted for “Sunday Stills Photography challenge – Anything with letter C”

Imagine yourself standing by a river bank patiently waiting for a fish to come near and if you can catch it. I bet, you may survive 1st 10 minutes before splashing all around and running out J. But, these birds are super awesome. It stands still just like that, as beautiful and patient like that to deliver that mighty attack on any fish comes near. They are built for it. Their bills and feet are important tools. A crane’s bill is very sharp and sturdy, useful when probing frozen soil. The edges are serrated to grasp slippery food like worms and snakes. Not only is it used for preening, it is also used as a weapon. Do you ever wonder how cranes stay warm while standing for hours in near-freezing water? They can reduce the amount of blood that has to be warmed by constricting blood vessels in their feet. Also, the arteries and vessels in their legs are right next to each other so the colder blood is warmed before it reaches the body.

Cranes are opportunistic fliers, relying on the wind and columns of warm air for accomplishing appropriate height and length of flying. Siberian Cranes migrate 10,000 miles round trip, and Eurasian Cranes can fly higher than 30,000 feet


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