Mangoose are eaten up from nose to tail with curiosity, from birth they are told to ‘run and find out’. No one taught them how ferocious a Cobra could be, instead they just got matured with bravery.

That’s how i would advice every parent to deal with their kids, find and make opportunities for your kids to improve their instincts naturally and most of the things they could learn from their own experiences not from our mistakes. Its most important that we need to convince them that we are there to guide, protect and support when they are in need.


Interesting Facts:
The female mongoose tends to produce only one litter of pups a year, but she is able to produce another litter if for some reason, the first litter is lost. The young mongooses are weaned at around 6 weeks old, and the baby mongooses then begin to forage with their mother until they are 4 months old. The male mongoose babies will leave their mother when they are around 6 months old, while the female mongoose babies will stay longer, sometimes even permanently.

Location: Mudumalai National Park, India


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