Save me…to save you…

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. Preserve it as much as you can and use it as little as you could, please………please……..please……..don’t waste.



5 thoughts on “Save me…to save you…

  1. A perfect picture to accompany your words, Henry! When I watched one of the neighbors cut down all the trees around their home, it killed me. Why in heavens name would they move to the woods and then slaughter all the trees that benefit the earth and it’s beings? Sad, very sad…:)JP

    • Thank you JP, you comments always shower me with spirit :). Its so sad people move to woods for peace and disturb the nature around. I have witnessed many beautiful places at my home country spoiled in the name of tourism. Most of the places i saw only blue plastic sheets and white concrete buildings for tourists. Many efforts are been taken now a days to promote eco-tourism and protect areas for a better tomorrow.

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