Crowd ‘n d Wild

Largest, heaviest, muscular and the most powerful wild cattle on the planet; Indian Wild Gaur hold a special place as they are bigger and less aggressive than Cape Buffalo.

HGL-Indian-Gaur family

They stands as tall as 7.2 feet and average weight is 650 to 1,000 kg (1,430 to 2,200 lb), while large bull could easily weigh up to 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) Indian Wild Gaur provides an important food source for only one large apex predator The Tiger. Even then, there are more cases of tigers being killed by Gaurs, than Gaurs being killed by tigers. They live in herds of around 30-50 members, and they gestate for around 280 days. Herds are typically led by the oldest female, while males are mostly nomads that wander in search of females. In the herd the young are typically protected fiercely, as the large adult females will form a circle with heads and horns facing outward to protect the young from possible attack by Tigers. An unusual behaviour observed when a tiger was sensed by a herd, they form in an ancient human military tactic called a phalanx, and drove it off in a steady march toward the unfortunate tiger while lined up.


Contributed for photography challenge ‘Sunday Stills’
Location: Bandhipur, India


9 thoughts on “Crowd ‘n d Wild

    • Thanks Lori, its so majestic to see them in wild gazing freely. Just to make sure a very safe distance, it can flip a 5 ton truck in a second.

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