Munch from a bunch

Everybody likes munching something and when it comes to munching i believe the best thing comes to my mind is Banana Chips. They are a very popular snack in Kerala (that’s my home, Gods Own Country) known locally as nenthra-kaaya oopperi. They are thin sliced banana fried in coconut oil sprinkled with salt. Usually raw banana/plantain are used to make banana chips, but chips made from ripe banana is sweet.

It was my favorite snack until few years back, Now i totally disagree with this snack and trying my level best to educate people on the dark side of it. I demonstrate to them by burning a single piece with a lighter to see at least 16 drops of oil dripping out of it. Guess what it can do to your body. But, trust me once you start eating them; God help you to stop it.

Nutrition facts:
Calories – 519 (Per 100gm)
Fat – 34g (Per 100gm)


Posted for Sunday Stills challenge: Snacks


6 thoughts on “Munch from a bunch

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