Wild Boar

Wild boar is a close relative of domestic pig. But could be the most ugliest and deadly. Body of wild boars is covered with double coat of fur that can be brown, red, black or grey. Upper coat is composed of harsh, bristly hair. Undercoat is much softer. Tusks on the bottom lip are one of the most prominent features of a wild boar. Unlike females, males possess extra tusk on the upper lip which is used for sharpening of the lower tusk.

Wild boars are nocturnal animals (active during the night). They will spend 12h in sleep during the day, hidden in the nests made of leaves.
Wild boars live in groups (called sounds) that are composed of females and their offspring. Males live solitary life, except during the mating season.


Location: Chinnar, Kerala – India

Although wild boars do not generally pose a threat to people, they occasionally attack humans. During violent contact the impact is considerably large, hard-skulled head may cause considerable damage itself, most damage is inflicted by the boar’s tusk. When ramming into a person, the boar will slash the tusks upwards, creating sizeable open lacerations on the skin. Due to the height of the boar relative to a human, most wounds are inflicted to the upper legs. Some attacks are provoked, such as when hunters wound a boar which then counterattacks. Male boars become most aggressive during the mating season and may charge at humans at such times. Occasionally, female boars will attack if they feel their piglets are threatened, especially if a human physically comes between them and their young. Although a majority of boar attack victims recover with medical treatment, fatalities do occasionally occur.

Survival Techniques: Climb or go around a tree or rock, never get out of your car…….finally show him your kung-fu and karate steps and run for your life

You take care, challenging them in wild


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