Things we take for granted

Our world, our planet Earth is home to many species. Every single creature in it deserve to live its life freely. There is a respectable and safe distance we should always maintain with Wilderness, it is the most important thing i take for granted whenever i venture in to wild; especially if am not alone.


Elephants may curl their tails, swing their trunks meaningless, hold their ears out; mind you ….the Animal is stressed with your presence.  If it is kicking up dirt, making a loud cry then its preparing for a mock attack, allowing you to leave the place. If you still braved to challenge the situation by posing a threat to the elephant and seeking its attention, you are asking for trouble. If its chasing you get yourself behind a large rock or tree. If that isn’t an option, run downhill – elephants are slower (just slower) going downhill. If you are in a vehicle, the scenario and options changes to entirely different definition. Put the lights on, race the engine and plan to retrieve for your dear life J


Posted for Sundaystills Photography Challenge – Things we take for granted
Location: Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Waynad – Kerala


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