Bad Weather

Heavy monsoon is the hardest time for Fishermen in kerala. The government imposes a 50-day ban on fishing for those heavy motor fishing boats as breeding increases during the monsoon, its then the best time for traditional fishermen to venture in to sea for their best harvest for the year. A very rough weather and highly turbulent sea during monsoon will keep the traditional fishermen indoors, holding them back from making the best use of their exemption from the ban on monsoon fishing. The sea could be very rough and would advance more in to the land seizing whatever comes in their path. The amount of destruction could be very high and many poor fishermen gives up their boats and houses overnight to save their dear life.

I don’t understand why people would pay high on fashion, gadgets or fast food upright; same time enjoy negotiating with fisherman or a fruit seller. Please do give it a serious thought next time.



Posted for Sunday Stills Challenge : Bad Weather
Location: Vadanapilly Beach, Thrissur – Kerala


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