….something was starting to take shape out of magic

Sometimes a new brilliant idea can push us to the edge, to that very edge were at one point we feel there is no return unless and until we accomplish our aim. Smoke photography challenge was one such an idea from a photographic geek among my friends. This time we are experimenting photographing smoke.

As far as am concerned there is no correct or incorrect way of photographing smoke. Nothing right or wrong but just that experimenting will give you that perfect picture, that perfect angle and that perfect lighting.



Points to note:
A good camera (Manual mode, Shutter speed 1/250, Aperture f/8, ISO lower, Manual focus)
Incense stick or anything that can create smoke
Black background
Good lighting to light up the smoke fumes
A well ventilated room (smoke can fill the room very quickly and need to air in and out occasionally)
Patience, more patience and lot of patience


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