Paint bursts

This week Desert Wingz geared up for one of the toughest challenges they ever attempted, as usual Nik came up with this new idea of Sound Photography which pushed us to the next level of creative photography. The whole concept is of high speed photography capturing the movements of subjects which was made by sound.

The beginning:
HGL-Paint-Bubble Blue

The bubble family:
HGL-Paint-Bubble Family Red

The blue burst:

Above cannot be attained if it was not a team work, Desert Wingz are all about a team, a dedicated group of dudes who would go for any edge to make our life always in high spirits.

Some basic stuffs we need for our home made studio are: Plenty of sun light which can provide us maximum light, paints, Woofer and music which can produce good deep bass so as to manipulate the sound which can make the paint burst. Use the maximum exposure of your cam (1/4000 @ Nikon D5100) ISO to minimum or as required. Rest everything is all about your creativity. let it flow.


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