Road Service Patrol

In the capital of UAE, ABU DHABI If you are stuck by the roadside with a flat tyre or you run out of fuel or a bad battery and you see a fluorescent yellow 4×4 with orange and green flashing lights, it’s your lucky day.
The free service and one of its kind in this part of the world has been introduced by Department of Transport, launched in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police.

The various services extended by Road Service Patrol includes towing cars in cases of auto failure from the main road and moving them to safer locations to ensure the safety of drivers and the smooth flow of traffic on the streets of Abu Dhabi. Patrols are also equipped to assist broken down vehicles and offer services such as changing tyres, identifying flat battery, jumpstarting and topping up fuel and coolant if needed, to enable vehicles to reach the closest petrol station in the vicinity.
In addition, each vehicle has a vehicle-mounted Variable Message Sign (VMS) capable of warning approaching motorists of road incidents earlier than before, as well as computerised communication with the dispatch centre and can respond to incidents more rapidly. The patrol also provides first aid to accident victims and assisting the Police and other related parties during road crashes.
The service is free of charge and can be reached 24 hours a day on the toll free number 999.


Posted for Sunday still challenge ‘Law enforcement or Emergency vehicles’
Courtesy : Department of Transport, Abu Dhabi


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