Trains n Tracks

One of the most interesting fact about Trains is that i found them the most eco-friendly ways you can travel, this massive public/cargo transport machine do the best job than any other means of transport. The roadbed needs much, much less room than a four lane highway, for fewer scars on the landscape


Few interesting facts: (not our usual general knowledge)
Longest stretch of perfectly straight railway track is located in Australia. It is 478 kilometers long
Current speed record for trains is held by French TGV bullet train. He reached the speed of 584km per hour and then braked for 16 kilometers before it managed to stop
Total area of contact between train wheels and rail is little larger than one silver dollar.
Heaviest train ever recorded weighted 95,000 tonnes! This freight train from Australia was 7.3 kilometers long.
Italy has the only railway that climbs a top a volcano.

Posted for Sunday Stills challenge ‘Trains’


8 thoughts on “Trains n Tracks

  1. Very nice picture, and I really enjoyed the train facts. A 478 km straight track, it must be really hard for the people in charge of the train to stay awake.

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