Sun set

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

The higher the buildings the lower the morals.

City buildings when watched from a distance would seem like they hold up the sky and don’t want to let the sun set


I remember once a kid was asking his mother why we paint sun set in the ocean, he always watched them trying to hide behind those buildings in the evening.

How sad these days kids don’t get enough opportunity to feel and enjoy the nature in real,

but they are forced to learn about nature through books and iPads.

We should take efforts to bring nature in to their life

leave them alone with nature, let them run, let them fall, let them climb, let them play, let them sweat, let them get dirty with mud and spoil themselves, let them contact and connect with nature.

Train them to enjoy watching discovery and animal planets not your favourite serials and action packed movies.

– * –

Posted for Sunday Still challenge : Sun set & buildings


8 thoughts on “Sun set

  1. This is a very valuable post Henry! Nicely hued photo and Abu Dhabi’s skyline from the distance…

    Give nature to the hands of the kids.. or give kids to the hands of nature… Let them interact with each other!

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