Golden fabric


Layers of thick Golden fabrics from a more traditional and ornamental form of Indian costume Saree in Kerala.

We call it ‘Kasavu set-saree’ (Mundum neriyathum) is the traditional clothing of women in Kerala, South India.


Posted for Sunday Stills challenge ‘Fabric’

The set-saree is mainly consist of 2 pieces, one which cover the upper body and other the lower body. Set-saree is worn as everyday costume and also as distinct costume on festive occasions. ‘Set-saree’ for festive occasion has golden coloured borders known as Kasavu, lending the costume another name of “Kasavu Saree”. The kasavu or the golden border is either pure golden layer, copper coated or artificial. The fabric of mundu-sari is cotton and is always woven by hand.

During the Keralite festival of onam, women of all ages wear the ‘Set Saree’ and take part in folk dance meant only for women called kaikottikalli. While Kasavu set saree is expensive, common people stick on to set-saree which has no golden borders. Even the colour for the blouse of the set-saree for this occasion is determined by the age and marital status of the woman. Young unmarried girls wear green coloured blouse, while married middle aged mothers wear red blouses.



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