Best shot of 2012

Here my shortlist and the one i picked up which i believe is the best of 2012

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HGL 154 flower-power

A BIG THANK YOU to all my fellow bloggers and visitors

..for inspiration from words and photographs which gave me a lot of drive & energy to enjoy and share this beautiful world through lens
..for those who choose to follow my blog, like and comment on every single posts which inspired me a lot and refined my knowledge and interest in photography beautiful & wonderful people who shared their life through blogs and spread many smiles across miles

Without you wonderful people who interact with me here, life would be so much less. Thank you again & Have a blessed New Year 2013 🙂


15 thoughts on “Best shot of 2012

  1. Well, if you say so … from the thumbnails it would be difficult to challenge your choice, as magnificent as it is! (As an aside, it’s shame you chose not to display your nominations in a gallery format Henry, then we could have seen them all in their glory! And since I’m nitpicking your gorgeous blog ( 🙂 ), a “like” button would be fantastic too!)

    • That’s terrific, Henry! Now we can see them all in detail – what a great selection – and what wonderful places you’ve been this oops! last year! Yes, i think I still agree with you despite a couple of other close contenders!

      The “Like” button is activated from the bottom of your active ‘Edit” screen. if you go into this post – that will be your edit screen. Right down at the bottom of the page – under your post itself, and our comments, there is a bar for activating ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ . Click on the tabs, update the post, and hey presto, it’s done. Once activated, that becomes the default. If it doesn’t work on this post, don’t worry – just activate the buttons when you set up your next post! 🙂

  2. I love your shortlist idea but I don’t think I would have been able to pick one winner, they are all wonderful shots.
    Wishing you many more beautiful shots in 2013 (and I’m looking forward to seeing them!)

  3. Henry, I don’t know how you picked but of course that one is STUNNING! Love the collage though too and Happy New Year and many more photos!!!

  4. Great shots. I’m with you on your winning choice very nice. Happy New Year, I’m with you also on your hopes for the New Year.

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