The sausage dog

May I proudly introduce my much loved ‘Guddy’ a Courageous, Headstrong, intelligent, lively, Protective, affectionate and a lovely Dachshund. It was a dog with attitude I would say, and the attitude can always make you laugh. My best 4 legged buddy who would come up to my bed to wake me up rolling beside me to make sure I don’t get late in the morning to show up, or the one who fairly settles in my lap while having a morning coffee or paper. It loves freedom, freedom to do anything it wish for and yet as subservient it could be, as decent and clean any pet you’d love to be around

I got her when she was just 15 days and stayed as long as 12 years. How true it is like someone said “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Just look at her, am sure i justified her introduction



14 thoughts on “The sausage dog

  1. Awww look at those lovely eyes! Had all the doxie attributes it sounds like and how wonderful you got to share your life with her.

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