Power of black ‘n white

I never prefer to see any animal in black & white, but later i learned that some animals like Elephants in particular looks stunning in black n white, it gives them that majestic and powerful looks. Below tusker was in a very aggressive mode when i tryed to approach him. The whole show clearly says us to ‘KEEP OFF, am not in a good mood’.

Posted for Sunday Stills Challenge ‘Animals in black & white’


18 thoughts on “Power of black ‘n white

  1. Hello! I simply wish to give you a huge thumbs up for your excellent inf you have here on this post.
    I will be returning to your site forr more soon.

  2. This is the second B&W elephant photo I’ve seen on a blog this week, and I have to agree – they look wonderful in black and white. This is a wonderful photo, obtained, it appears, at great peril! (I can’t blame the elephant for his bad mood, if I were an elephant I’d be peeved with humans also). I’m glad you got such a fantastic photo and escaped unscathed, and hope this elephant and the rest of his kind will live in peace and safety. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photo!

  3. I totally agree. The elephants are a perfect black and white subject! Really shows the texture of their skin and shadowing of their ears. You did great.

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