Photo Challenge 3: Street Photography – Perfect Portrait

This challenge was to shoot people on streets/public places, to lock them up with the best possible focus and to fade out the background as much as you can without any Photoshop assistance. Thanks to Nivin as I learned many things with this single challenge.

Today I have chosen this particular subject ‘a life guard’ with a very significant reason as these guys have played an important role in my life to what I am today. They might seem quite lean, very outdated or even annoying, but they are truly priceless when in need. Just look at my subject, he is on duty in a weather which is 45 degree hot and imagine you are sand blasted with hot salty winds from sea; just to make sure life of another person is your responsibility, while he is enjoying the time.

It was a well executed pleasure trip to one of the water theme park here in UAE with my friends and with much effort I coordinated everything for the trip. Unfortunately to my fate I fell sick (very sick) on the same day which we scheduled the trip of thrills. But, as usual I made up my mind not to miss the trip and I joined them. At the theme park, we all got in to the wave pool and despite of high temperature the height of excitement made me swim to the far end of the pool where it generates waves. While I turned back I saw one of my friend who tried to follow me was drowning (waves at the beginning of the pool will be very high as it should reach the back end). It was not a time for me to think if any life guard was on mark, all I remember was that I pulled him and pushed him to the side and I started drowning. After some time when I opened my eyes I was in hospital attended by doctors. Thanks to these Lifeguards, nothing more I would say. If at all they were not vigilant I would have stayed still and breathless in the depths with in minutes. It’s sometimes not our skills but the God’s hands that matters in water; as for me till now I don’t know for whom those hands belonged to.

A lifeguard is a well trainned and skilled swimmer who supervises the safety and rescue of swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants such as in a swimming pool, water park, or beach. Lifeguards are strong swimmers and trained in first aid, certified in water rescue using a variety of aids and equipment depending on requirements of their particular venue.

There is a hierarchy of rescue techniques, in order, which minimizes danger to the lifeguard and maximizes the effectiveness of a rescue. After determining a swimmer is in trouble they try to help in ways that will not result in a threat to the life of the lifeguard or others. This is done by helping at a distance by using a pole; a lifebuoy may be thrown, wading to the victim, using available watercraft, swim with an aid, As a last resort, direct swimming to the apparent victim.

Effective communications are vital for lifeguards and it is equally important for the public to be aware of their communication methods.

A more traditional method of communication with the public is through the use of colored flags or commonly a whistle is used. The following signals are used by some lifeguards with a whistle.

1 short blast – used to gain the attention of a swimmer.

2 short blasts – used to gain the attention of a fellow lifeguard.

3 short blasts – used to signal to a fellow lifeguard that an emergency is taking place, action must be taken.

4 long blow – used to signal to swimmers that they must clear the pool, this could be because the pool is closed or an emergency is taking place significant enough for the lifeguards to clear the pool.

They are angel’s eyes watching over you


6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge 3: Street Photography – Perfect Portrait

  1. Henry – you stood up first to post in our challenge… Good post, well laid in the foundation of a life story. Interesting and informative. It’s a peculiar pose/angle and that we don’t see or notice normally.

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