SundayStills: Winter Pictures

From one of the hottest places on earth… a post about the coolest stuff on earth. A photo which i took in Liverpool from the very first winter i enjoyed in England.

Snow is frozen water. It is made up of tiny, six-sided ice crystals, which form on dust particles inside very cold clouds. The crystals grow in size and join together. They become heavy and drop down through the clouds for us to enjoy the snow fall and decorate the mother nature around us.

Ever wondered why snow is white?

It all has to do with air. Objects get their color by absorbing or reflecting different wavelengths of light. Snow and snowflakes are ice crystals mixed with air molecules. The air gaps between crystals, along with the crystals’ complex shapes, bounces the light beams around so much that all the wavelengths eventually get reflected out, giving it a white color.



15 thoughts on “SundayStills: Winter Pictures

  1. GH, what’s the link to the Sunday Stills Challenge? I meant to ask you last week, but forgot!

    Love your snow-covered trees – such a fairyland for us, here in the tropics, but of course, you don’t have to go as far as Liverpool to see snow on some of the world’s most magnificent trees – the deodars of the Himalaya:)

    • Hi

      For sunday stills:

      Magnificent Himalayas, i’v been to the foots, phew!! i still dont know how long i stared at those mighty mountains alone during a trekking. The entire trip was a whole new experience and a different insight to a wonderful world and a country which i belongs to.

    • I can imagine – India is so incredibly vast, and diverse, it must be inconceivable for someone from Kerala, to imagine deserts, vast wildernesses of snow, mountains that dwarf all others in the world …

      Thanks for the Sunday Stills link, Henry.

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