SundayStills Challenge : Brown

The very first thing comes in to our mind about Brown is Chocolate, but for me its Classic, Cosy, Sensual and Earthy.

Am thinking about the Classic Leather sofa in my living room, the very special place for my family to feel perfectly blended forever in love. It has an innate ability to lend a touch of class to any room.

This macro has indeed a lot to tell about what i was highlighting above ‘the bonding’

history of leather conveys just how fascinated people were regarding the many uses of leather. Leather transcends time and class. Leather ages well. Leather “breathes” so it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Leather is very flexible, so it will retain its shape and look new for years. Plus, unlike fabric, it acquires a natural patina and becomes softer with age.

Primitive man hunted wild animals for food; he removed the hides and skins from the dead animal carcass and used them as crude tents, clothing and footwear. The earliest record of the use of leather dates from the Palaeolithic period (ie 40,000 BC) Traces of organic materials on stone tools found in the Ukraine suggest they may have been used used for scraping animal skins clean. The skins could have been used for clothing or shelter. Cave paintings discovered in caves near Lerida in Spain depict the use of leather clothing.



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