Commercial transport

Means of transport, delivering goods am looking in to the old and the new age

Below is the most common means of transport in Alapuzha, the back waters of Kerala. A wonderful network of canals connect many long distance places through which people carry their produce to the market for sale.

Again am relating the new age means of transport to water (as it was suppose to be the oldest means of mass transportation).

Below is a boat carried off after the F1 grand prix power boat race here in Abu Dhabi corniche.


8 thoughts on “Commercial transport

  1. Love your coconut farmer in his dugout. I do wish I had some digital shots from my visits to Kerala – it was another patch of paradise I used to adore to visit. Do you have any shots of the little “traghettos” that operate across some of the backwaters canals? They were what captured my attention – I suppose because, like Venice, the passengers stand (with such sang froid and perfect balance). I remember seeing one, caring a man with an umbrella. He seemed like a king, gliding across to the other side with the least concern for the world around him.

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