Forever together

We are angels each with only one wing, and we fly by embracing one another

Every day is a Valentine’s Day for us and this is one of the best thing we would advice any newly married couples to go with. One of the best and most important token of our very deep love and sharing. It’s simply a mug & 2 plates we bought when me and my sweet heart started living together our own. Since then till day we share our coffee in this mug and eat from these plates. Every morning we start the day remembering our love for each other and when we eat with these plates it reminds us about the importance of our love to the very existence. We feel so proud and so strong being together. We will keep them with us until the very end or even would pass to our next generation.

Happy Valentine’s Day


9 thoughts on “Forever together

  1. Lovely seems to be the operative word — and I agree. The positioning of the rings is spot on; and the lighting creates a calm and tender mood. The bokeh is just right [although I might think about cropping a bit more of the foreground]. Really fine image!

  2. Lovely.Very well framed.Too good and happy for you if you really mean ever word in it. Not many writers practice what they write.I really hope and pray you are not one of them…

  3. This post is remarkably romantic. With a superb quote and the story in its depth brings a vibration of love on the reader!

    And the photo is a very cleverly composed with romantic lighting with meaningful subject (say token of love) and objects in the frame. Still the dark-chocolate blurred background adds to the sophistication of the shot! Splendid work Henry! I admire it.
    : )

    • Happiness is when you are together. A friend’s husband is in prison and they won’t give her visiting rights.

      I have no idea about the verifcation. I might remove it as I am not get spams anymore. Thanks for letting me know.

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