Frozen Liquid

Liquid is an amazing subject which has a definite volume but no definite shape. It can change to any forms as from a boiling point it form Gas and from a cooling point to a Solid state. Am more fond of cold and chosen the frozen state of water. Just the colors from different sources around can add amazing beauty on to it.

Ever wondered what makes some ice cloudy? It’s tiny, trapped air bubbles which refract the light. This is particularly true in home-made ice cubes, because the water used is generally from the tap, which becomes aerated as it pours.Water expands as it freezes, and freezes from the outside in, so the air is pushed to the centre of the cube, which is why ice cubes tend to have particularly opaque centres.

If you want to make perfectly clear ice, use bottled water, boil it briefly to drive out any air, and freeze it.


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