Wild tranquility

Have you ever touched the soul of nature? The purity, freshness and heart beats of nature………..its all filled with a wild tranquility; the true life, the one and only truth of existence; our mother nature. Try to imagine you are in the midst of a dense forest in the early hours of morning when lights just started sneaking through the thick green blankets around, which is yet again combined with the fear of some wild animal watching you somewhere hidden between the bushes.

Yes, am talking about a leopard for example. This particular place is well known for leopard, wild elephants and bear attacks. One of the most risky jungle routs in Kerala which connects Tamil Nadu and Kerala between Pollachi & Thrissur. This was our favorite drive route especially at midnight to get engaged face-face with wild animals. We have sited leopards 2 times on the road and many times with wild elephants. Elephants at Valparai and Malakkapara is considered to be the notorious among the forests in Kerala. Now-a-days public is not allowed to pass through between 6pm and 6am in any case. We waited from 3am to 6am to get the check post open for vehicles, which was well paid off.


One thought on “Wild tranquility

  1. I liked the words you composed. It really takes us thru a path… a path that leads to a scene, like the picture you shot-truly tranquil, especially with those sunlight showers : ) It’s a glorious shot man!

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