Cocooned Cuteness

I waited until this special day to post my contribution for sunday stills (Portraits) 706 days before we were gifted with a baby boy, we named him Heiden, my excitement and thrills are beyond words and expression, how truely blessed i am to be a husband and a father. My lord blessed me with the most loving & sweetest wife and sealed it tight with our pulse; ‘my proud son’. Today 21st NOV its my beloved wife’s birthday. With my full heart i’d dedicate this post for her ‘Many many happy returns of the day Minu”

This could be the first and the best portrait shoot i’v ever done, the very first day of his arrival in to our life


7 thoughts on “Cocooned Cuteness

  1. This is a marvel! And your words is an outburst of emotions, very well drawn. I feel this post a superb gift for your wife too!
    Cant imagine this tender and delicate baby is also the Heiden now! You are a wonderful family!

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