Bowhook dusk

This particular shot was from our recent trip with Ekaterina a sail boat in UAE. The dusk set up and our load of return (Yes it is difficult to return from a holiday) from a very fun filled trip made this very scene special to me. The model is a crew member of the Sail, they are usually called a Bowhook. This crew is usually does the overall surveillance of the ship while on sail and especially handles lines forward when the boat is coming alongside a pier or ship. The bowhook also tends fenders and forward weather cloths (canvases spread for protection against the wind). In an open boat, the bowhook usually sits on the forward thwart (cross seat) on the starboard side, outboard. In bad weather, she or he may move to the lee side. The bowhook faces the bow and serves as a lookout

When the boat approaches the landing, the bowhook should be ready to spring ashore with the painter (length of line secured to the bow of the boat for towing or making fast) and take a turn on the nearest cleat. When the boat approaches a ship”s side, the bowhook should be in the bow with the boathook, ready to snag the boat line and make it fast. The bowhook should always have a fender ready to drop over the side if a bump is unavoidable.

The crew are so positive and bold, sharing their experiences, still vigilant on their responsibilities and above all keep us well attended. Certain unattended things between our pleasure like these guys would definitely light up the whole show, as our Ekaterina trip was not what ‘wow’; the food served was just average, many of the promised or listed activities are never met, the place they chose for snorkeling turned out to be a great mess with oil sticking on our body and no much life we met down in the waters. But the attitude and the service they could provide us were outstanding. And we really appreciate those guys for giving us a wonderful experience.


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