SundayStills – 25-50 Steps

This week the challenge was quite unique, to choose a starting point walk 25 steps at any directions and then 50 steps at any directions to take 3 snaps.

^ Start point, yes indeed 25 steps ‘U turn’ from my car 🙂 

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm, at certain point its a surety that somthing worth is just waiting for us. I was quite sure of somthing stunning at my next 50 steps forward

^ @ 50 Steps

My adventure well paid off, yes! pitty on those man made obstructions on true beauty of nature, but being positive i go that extra miles to get the best always (below)


13 thoughts on “SundayStills – 25-50 Steps

  1. Nice shots man, but a small criticism though, the horizon line in all of these picture is right at the center! It should always be at the top or bottom 1/3. It’ll give a way better effect to the pictures.
    One more thing, can you share your pics info (i.e. aperture, shutter speed, focal lenght…)

  2. love your creativity on the fence photo. I think the fence actually makes the shot, it is so clear. My fav is the sunset shot though, with the beautiful color

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