Apes consist of gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and gibbons. Apes, in general, are the most intelligent of all the animals found on earth. They resemble human beings in most of their features and even in their behavior

Apes mostly feed on the plant vegetation, they also consume eggs, insects, small mammals and birds. So next time when you see a gorilla attacking a person and eats him up in movies, keep screaming and enjoy the movie. End of the day the victim is gonna walk back home behind the screens.

Most noticeable characteristics of apes from all other animals are The arms of apes are longer than their legs. Their hands are similar to human hands, only the fingers and thumb are of equal length. Yes, the thumbs are of the equal length. Apes have a skeletal structure similar to that of humans and also lots of similarities with regard to their organs and muscles. The pelvis of is similar to that of monkeys, which allows them to walk on all four legs. Hence, they use knuckle-walking for ground locomotion

Apes do not have tails and the cheek pouches commonly found in the monkeys are also absent.

The eyes of apes are highly developed, with stereoscopic color vision.

Now some brainy facts of these guys:  Apes have large brains, which make them the most intelligent animals on earth. The brain of a gorilla weighs around 600 grams and chimpanzees and orangutans have their brain weighing around 400 grams. Among the apes, chimpanzees are the most intelligent and can be easily taught certain man tasks, even to communicate.

Gorilla is the largest ape and an adult male one weighs around 275 kilograms. It can be almost six feet tall, when it stands up.

Gibbon is the smallest ape, which has a weight of around 10 kilograms and height of around 3 feet.


3 thoughts on “Apes

  1. Great shot and info, next week I get to spend a couple of days at my favorite zoo and plan a full day of nothing but monkey and great apes pics..:-)

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