Flower power

You know about those first trials…”the flower & droplets”…its the most exciting challenge a beginer will get through with the photography. Below was the result of my attempt.

Apart from photography aspect of Flower and Water, I got curious about how they makes it; just for us to enjoy them and finally cut them up to decorate our life. Now its flashes through my mind those things we learned in schools, but never bothered. Got many tips as well.

Flowers normally absorb water through their roots, which are attached to small tubes called xylem. These xylem act like thin straws, pulling water up through the plant to the leaves and flowers. When the flower is cut, it no longer is in contact with the roots but it can still absorb water through the xylem. Having a source of water can keep a cut flower in bloom for days or even weeks before it finally wilts and dies. To know more about keeping the flowers alive, read more…



Transpiration helps keep the water moving. Plants have small holes in their leaves and flowers. If a plant has excess water, those holes open, allowing some of the water to evaporate. This creates a vacuum, aiding capillary action by pulling more water up the xylem. Plants also use water in photosynthesis, turning water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar. But cut flowers usually do not photosynthesize much, because they generally have few leaves and are usually not put in bright sunlight.


Keeping the Flowers Alive

Once a flower is cut, it slowly dies. How long this process takes depends on the flower and the way it is cared for. Sometimes, the xylem can get an air bubble at the bottom of the stem. This prevents the flower from sucking up any more water, and as a result, it can wilt in just a few hours. To prevent this, florists cut stems diagonally to prevent air from getting stuck on the underside, and they cut the stem under water so no bubbles form. Because cut flowers rarely photosynthesize, they don’t receive any food. Plant food with sugar in it is often added to the water to nourish the flowers and keep them alive longer.




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