Weight of comfort

Do you know the average weight of an adult elephant could be 4500-5000 kilo grams??, yeh it’s a hell a load of weight there, but comfort is all that matters.

These giants are well known for their emotions, intelligence & sharp memory. Their life span usually stands at 70 years. While walking they can gain speed of 4 mph maximum and can swim long distances. These peaceful animal spends most of its time (16 hrs a day) for eating. They live in tight social units, but again male elephants at the age of 12-14 would leave the pack. Usually a male bull elephant at age of 40 is seen with the herds which is lead by a female.

Well any guess how much water an elephant trunk can hold? Just 2.5 gallons!! If you think drink through their trunks then you’re probably wrong, they just pump the whole load in to their mouth. The trunk is a yet another amazing part of this giant which has 150,000 muscles. They’ll drink around 80 gallons of water a day, where we human beings are advised to drink 8 glass a day.


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