One of the most scary board i’v come across in all of my adventures

I recall our trip to one of the most popular wild life sanctury in South India (Mudumalai/Bandipoor). We reached Mudumalai around 173ohrs and got facinated with a river in which we all jumped in and played a lot. We even risked to cross the river over the heavy flow clinging on to the wooden logs washed out from the mountains. Late night we settled in one of the Government guest houses and early morning we prepared ourselves for the safari. One the way right infront of the camp we come across this board which is self explanatory. The last point caught our breath and no-one was able to speak for sometime. Amazingly we were lucky enough to write this post. Just another bonus points in life.

But, this was only the second incident on the same day where early hours of morning i encountered a bull elephant and later we were chased by a group of elephants during safari.


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