(SundayStills – Red & Green) early colors

Psychologically, colors can have an amazing effect on each and every one of us. We don’t just develop an appreciation for color as an adult. Babies and children are also affected by it – both positively and negatively. In terms of toddlers, color can be used effectively to help stimulate intellectual development. children found it easier to organize their own thoughts with right placement of colors.


Red symbolizes fire and, as such, stimulates and excites the blood and nerves! It helps to revitalize you when you’re feeling tired and lethargic and can be effective against colds and chills. According to the health website http://www.ventris.org.uk, surrounding yourself with red will help wounds heal faster, while draping a red towel over your head will speed up recovery from a headache! One word of warning though: red can raise blood pressure (think about the phrase ‘seeing red’) so use in moderation.


Green is always associated with nature and, therefore, its harmonizing effects are already obvious to us. Green symbolizes new life, freshness and brightness and can help with high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches and flu. Be warned though – too much green can leave you feeling too relaxed (if that’s possible!).


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