(Sunday Stills: Glass) The classic beauty

History of Glass goes back to natural glass existed since the beginning of time formed by natural high temperature phenomenon like Volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes etc and then cool and solidify rapidly. Stone Age man used cutting tools made of natural glass.

History of manmade glass is tracked from 5000BC and mostly used non transparent glass. Egyptians are believed to be the pioneers in making glass using moulds. Major breakthrough in glass making is discovery of glass blowing; around 27BC by Syrian crafts men. Romans have the credit of using glass for architectural purpose. Venice is believed to be the glass making centre of western world.

How is it made?

Sand, soda ash and lime are heated up to very high temperatures in a furnace to become a great syrupy mass. When allowed to cool it becomes glass, which retains many of the properties of a liquid

Why glass is transparent?

By super cooling the glass, the molecular structure becomes random, instead of regular. The random and loosely spaced molecules in glass allow much of the visible and ultra-violet spectrum of light to easily pass through. So, the greater the randomness of the molecules, the more light can pass through.

Glass is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality forever

Glass takes over 1 million years to decompose

Hydrofluoric acid can dissolve glass

When glass breaks, the crack can move at a speed of 3000 miles per hour


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