Tree family, beauty of Waynad

I took this photo at a place called Wayanad in Kerala, India. It almost took my breath away the freshness, scerinity of nature made me stop and i juz got out and lean on my car to enjoy it for atleast 40 minz’……….those wet rocks, tree fully soaked in mist, chill everything touched my soul and i praised my lord for a wonderful world he gifted me to live in

Wayanad Churam, a scenic mountain pass through Western Ghats is the gateway to Wayanad district, a fascinating green destination in Kerala, India. This 14 km long mountain pass, locally known as Thamarasserry Churam connects Wayanad with the nearby district of Kozhikode.

The Ghat road with nine hairpin bends passes amidst scenic misty hills. As you wind the way up a surreal view of the greenery slowly unfolds to take your breath away with greens and rich wildlife such as Tiger, Wild Elephants, Indian Bison, Deers


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