(SundayStills: Clouds) HGL Cloud Colors

Sky @ Dehradun, Himachal Pradesh – India

Sky @ Thrissur, Kerala – India

Sky @ Alappuzha, Kerala – India

Clouds are formed of water that has evaporated from rivers, lakes, oceans …..

The biggest clouds are cumulonimbus, climbing up to 9.7 kilometers (6 miles) high and holding up to half a million tons of water.

Clouds develop vertically or horizontally.

Am sure few know about modern techniques we use to change weather condisitons in a particular place called Cloud seeding which is the technique of inducing rain from a cloud, usually by dropping suitable particles into clouds containing super cooled water in an attempt to cause them to dissipate, modify their structure, or alter the intensity of associated phenomena, such as wind speed or hail.

Since the childhood i love to watch them moving and making their own shapes. I use to climb up on the top of my house with some candys and a mat, on which i lie and watch them play for me……..so beautiful and respected


11 thoughts on “(SundayStills: Clouds) HGL Cloud Colors

  1. Very lovely, Henry! When we see ones like in your first and third shots (I call them ‘quilt batting’ clouds) it means we are going to receive rain in the next 24 hours. Is this also true for your area?

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