Flying High…


I never seen such a confident bird…so proud…flying high

I took this pic at Brighton Beach in England, Seagulls are famous for their courage. Quite surprised!! I’ll roll back my first experience with this bird as i was holding some finger chips in my hand. All of a sudden this guy shoots down and managed to steal a finger chip right from my hand. I was totally shaken……now its my turn (not to harm the birdy) i tryed different modes to deliver his food, every time i tryed, it circle above me and prefectly managed to pick them from my hand without even harming a single cell of my hand. For me its a sort of life time experience in getting more friendly with the wonders of nature.


2 thoughts on “Flying High…

  1. I love your intense photo of such a regal bird. I don’t find their eyes cruel though. I find them strong, confident, determined and in control. Something I try to aspire to. I love the background on your site this week. It is stunning.

    You are an excellent photographer.

  2. Great shot, I’ve had the same experience with these flying rats, but they are fun to photograph and with a bit of food they come right in and have no fear..:-)

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