Pure green

I can still feel the freshness of the air where these green made a perfect harmony for morning dew drops

I just love the way each grass hugged pure dew drops

Grasses come in a vast range of sizes and types, ranging from lawn grass to rice, wheat, corn, sugarcane and bamboo (where bamboo is the strongest and tallest grass which can grow up to 120ft, which is used for variety of human needs like bamboo rafting, scaffolding, and roofing)

Approximately 20% of the world’s cover of vegetation has grasses as its main ingredient.

Grasses enabled cave men to become farmers rather than hunters! As they produce seeds known as grains (for example, wheat, corn and rice).

A natural engineering too to prevent soil erosion, creeping grasses with their spreading habits and fibrous root systems, will quickly stabilize bare earth and shifting sands


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