Never mount a jet ski from the side

To mount the jet ski, swim to the back and pull yourself up, then scoot forward until you are in the driver position

Turn the Jet Ski by turning the handle bars in the same direction you intend to move

The jet ski will only turn if the engine is propelling it in that direction.

If you turn the handle bars to the right, the engine’s jet nozzle will direct the stream of water to the right, and vice versa. It’s real elementary.

Practice slowing down. This may sound silly, but Jet Ski’s don’t have brakes. The stopping mechanism here is the friction between the bottom of the Jet Ski on the water in addition your weight. This will act as a natural stopping force

If you end up in the water and your jet ski is upside down, don’t panic. Jet ski’s have foam-filled hulls … they will float no matter what.
To right your jet ski, swim to the rear and flip the boat over in the direction indicated on the back of the jet ski. Every jet ski has a specific direction that it is easy to flip it back over.
Don’t try to right the jet ski from the side, it could fall on you and you could die …

 Respect others and don’t ever attempt a Jet ski if you are drunk


2 thoughts on “Whoooomm….whooooooom…..whooooooooom

  1. do you jet ski a lot.

    In the Gold Coast of Australia, some of the idiots get on the jet ski and weave in and out.

    Thanks for visiting

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