Where wild meets wildest

Elephant elegance

Elephant elegance

This shot was one of the most serious and risky shot i’v ever attempted in wild. I started out to the wild alone early morning as my friends were all still sleepy and it was arround 06.15 hrs. Wandering in wilderness especially in early hours of the day is much risky and is the best time for animal sightings. This guy appeared from no where and my safe bet was that i was stationed down hill which is quite difficult for any tusker to strike.

Surprisingly and despite of my worries, he elegantly gazed at me for sometime and continued his feeding (i was quite sure that am still on close watch and not to pose a threat at all) then he moved forward until he vanished between the vegitation. I was freezed for the moment and back in the hotel, i didnt even bothered to explain to my buddys but to show them the pic i managed.

Later on a private safari we were chased about 100 mts by elephants as my buddy posed a threat as he shouted “elephant…..elepahnt…..” I assume the only thing agitated them was that the herd was having baby elephants with them. In all cases of a strike, the initial strike will be a mock attack followed by original if you still dare to challenge them


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