Pavo cristatus



It took almost 40 minuts for this guy to show up in the right frame, hope the effort was all worth waiting

Peacocks have a significant need for companionship. Alone, they can get heartbroken.

Every portion of a peacock’s train changes color when it is struck by different angles of light

They can hunt on snakes, even a cobra


6 thoughts on “Pavo cristatus

  1. 3 angles r joined (earth, water & sky)now a days we cant see green earth. its so beautiful, nice background…..

  2. Lovely.. we have a lone Peacock up the rode, who will catch you off guard when driving up the road he is on.. by flying right across your windshield going to the other side of the road..he seems to come out of no where.

    • Cher Henry,

      I am an Artist paintre

      Dear Henry,

      I like very much your works,a Paris based Artist now lives some of the most remorted areas of Nilgiris bioshere areas( KERALA….KARNATAKA..andTAMIL NADU MOUNTAIN/FORESTS,doing what ever we can to make as late as we can the distruction of NATURE & WILDLIFE TRIBALS etc .TOTALY aware THAT distruction is.unievitable.f you are free,most welcome,where you can see every day,Wild elephants and others,I live in Tribal village……….33 years relation with them….
      with all my best wishes.Mohan kumar………..Mob…0091 9947363225.


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