The Beast & The Beauty

One of the biggest predators in the wild. which has been associated with power, strength, courage and royalty, since ages.
The Beast & The Beauty

The Beast & The Beauty

Age: Around 12 years (wild), 20 years (captivity)

Natural Habitat: Savannas, grasslands, dense bush and woodlands, in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia

Diet: Carnivorous

Maximum Speed: 48 km/hr over 46 m (30 mph over 50 yards)

The roar of a male lion can be heard from a distance of, as much as, five miles.

Lions do not eat an entire kill in most of the cases. Other predators, like hyenas and vultures, have been known to finish the kill of a lion.

Even though lionesses make the hunt, they eat the prey only after the males have had their full. The cubs eat after the lionesses.

The eyesight of a lion is five times better than that of a human. It can even hear a prey from a distance of one mile.

The sense of smell of a lion is so sharp that it can not only tell if prey is nearby, but also ascertain how long ago it was in the area.

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